What is the WCR Brace

The WCR Brace – Wood Cheneau Rigo Brace is a thermoplastic brace designed to treat scoliosis conservatively while taking into consideration that scoliosis is a three-dimensional deformity. 

What you get with the WCR Brace.

The WCR brace involves a team of scoliosis professionals from around the world working on the patient’s classification of curves. 

The patient curve type is individually classified from the Classification of Rigo using the x-rays and clinical photos of each patient. Based on this classification, an individual brace design from the Classification of Rigo brace designs is selected for each patient. Dr. Manuel Rigo is personally consulted on WCR brace cases for verification of the patient’s curve type and scoliosis brace design when necessary. This is a multi-disciplinary approach using feedback from the patient’s prescribing MD and Schroth or Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School (BSPTS) physical therapist in combination with the orthotist’s skills. Subsequently, the measurements, x-rays, and clinical photos are used to design and fabricate a custom-made Wood Cheneau Rigo brace.

All stages of treatment (clinical photos in and out of brace, X-rays, and team notes) are posted on a secure orthotic and prosthetic database (OPIE). We discuss the fittings, follow-up photos, and in-brace x-rays between the MD, Schroth Therapist (PT), and orthotist, which optimizes the treatment and results. 

The WCR Brace
Aunika Kemp - Athlete

This is what our Align Clinic patients said about us.

This is the ONLY place anyone should go for a scoliosis brace. The WCR brace has kept our daughter stable and out of surgery!!! The staff is amazing, loving, caring, and patient. We have gone for the last 3 years for our daughter! Big shout out to Grant, Paul, Jolene, and May! They are so amazing. #lovemybrace #watchoutforcurvygirls
Dan Ellis
Working with Align clinic this year has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. The office staff is joyful, incredibly knowledgeable and will always go out of their way to help a client find a solution. Miguel is an absolute treasure as an orthotist; innovative, kind and easily builds rapport with patients and ensures their orthotic needs, no matter how small, are met.
Love it here. My son has been staying with the people that work here. For years. Everyone is so nice! They left for a little time. And we couldn't be happier they are back.
Karen W

San Mateo

Green Bay

The Woodlands

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Wood Cheneau Rigo (WCR) brace for the treatment of scoliosis with a splash of style with a Louise Vinton (LV) cover. Hence, the first LV-WCR brace in the history of Align Clinic, LLC


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Social Media - News

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Brace yourself, because there’s more than one way to straighten out that scoliosis curve! From Boston to Charleston to WCR we’ve got a brace that is best for you. 😎

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