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    Nevertheless, it is impossible to foresee all possible issues, problems, or discomforts that may arise from using a brace. The WCR® brace is very complex, above and beyond many other competitors’ braces. All our practitioners are experienced and skilled at troubleshooting, but each patient has an individual comfort level and tolerance that changes with time. In some cases, a patient may need to return to one of the Align Clinic®'s main offices, in California, Wisconsin or Texas, for unforeseen adjustments regarding either comfort issues or functional repairs. These adjustments may require additional travel on behalf of the family outside the established follow-up schedule. The adjustments are critical for the best fit and function of the WCR® brace. In rare cases, a brace may also need to be re-fabricated if it does not meet our quality criteria for fit and/or function at the established fitting appointment. Remakes are at the discretion of Align Clinic® and its affiliates. Any cost of travel, lodging, shipping or other expenses incurred for follow-up appointments regarding brace fit and function will be the responsibility of the individual family. Align Clinic® will not be responsible for airfare, lodging expenses, rentals, meal reimbursements, shipping costs, or other related expenses unless approved by management. Please understand that the actual adjustments to the brace in our clinics and time with our practitioners is at no additional cost to you. Adjustments and repairs are included in the original cost of the brace, regardless of the number of adjustments required. Align Clinic® is working hard to provide expanded access and services across the country. We are increasing the availability of our WCR® certified practitioners as demand presents itself. Please contact us if you feel any adjustment is required to your WCR® brace. We will connect you with one of our practitioners and our closest available clinic. We appreciate your understanding. Align Clinic® Scoliosis Team

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